Ivan Gray and Ursula Gray, founding members, National President and National First Lady of the Immortal Guardians Motorcycle Club

Ivan & Ursula Gray, Founders of the Immortal Guardians Motorcycle Club

The Immortal Guardians Motorcycle Club (IGMC or IG's for short) was founded in 2016 by National President Ivan Gray, and co-founder and National First Lady, Ursula Gray. With over 40 years of experience in the biking community, Ivan Gray's vision was to start a club based on respect and brotherhood, where both male and female riders are welcomed and the focus is on biking and having fun.

Since the club's inception, with an original eight members (referred to as the Magnificent Eight), it has grown to include hundreds of members from all walks of life, with chapters stretching across the whole of South Africa. These are the Immortal Guardians MC members known as the Magnificent Eight:

Ian Gray and Ursula Gray of the Immortal Guardians MCIvan Gray & Ursula Gray
Mike Cadem and Sue Cadem of the Immortal Guardians MCMike Cadem & Sue Cadem
Keith Matier of the Immortal Guardians MCKeith Matier


Pieter B Neveling of the Immortal Guardians MCPieter B Neveling
Andre van Rensburg of the Immortal Guardians MCAndre van Rensburg
Jan Faul of the Immortal Guardians MCJan Faul


The IG's currently have chapters in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North-West, Kwazulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape. Being a National Motorcycle Club, spread across the country, the Immortal Guardians do not belong to, nor are affiliated with any Provincial Biking Councils, and the members fall under the auspices of the National, Regional and Chapter Councils within the club. Click here to view the Regions and Chapters in the Club.

Love, honour, loyalty, integrity, unity and respect are the core values of the Immortal Guardians. These values are non-negotiable and form the foundation of the club. Membership in the Immortal Guardians MC means that someone becomes part of a family, not just part of a club.

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