The Immortal Guardians 976697 tattoo on the hands of one of the club members

I will be the Guardian of the ways of Honor and Courage.

We are a strict MC that has a highly defined sense of brotherhood and honour, not found in general society. Members within the club respect all who respect them, knowing that respect is earned and not something that can be bought. In the Immortal Guardians Motorcycle Club, we believe in the 8 rules of old school biking, not only for conduct inside the club, but for our everyday lives.


Always respect yourself, your patch and others. You have to give respect to earn respect.


Always be faithful, steadfast and true to your club and your brothers and sisters. Don’t let there ever be questions on where you stand.


Stand tall, keep cool and be proud. Stand behind your words with action.


Always do what you say you will do and be where you say you will be.


Be truthful to yourself and others. Do not lie, cheat or steal. A biker's word is his bond.


All bonds are built on trust. It can take years to build and seconds to lose. To be trusted, you must first prove yourself to be trustworthy.


Being courteous costs nothing. Behave in a polite, considerate and respectful manner, both inside and outside of your club.


Willingly help those in need and protect the weak. Aid the ill, poor and helpless. Not just your brothers and sisters, but everyone.


Above all the Immortal Guardians MC member is always motivated by his utmost duty. We live and breathe biking, we are the Immortal Guardians, built on Trust, Honesty, Loyalty and Respect. It isn't negotiable. Quality over Quantity. 976697 / IGFFIG / Immortal Guardians Forever, Forever Immortal Guardians.

As part of these values, IG's believe that being active in, and giving back to, their communities is very important. Here are some external news articles of Immortal Guardians MC community involvement (click on the titles to view the full articles):

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